Oh the newness of everything!

Greetings from the bible-belt! Things here have been pretty insane the last few days, so bear with me:) For those of you that haven’t found out yet, Joe selected and got Helicopters. While it wasn’t his first choice, this is going to bring us so many opportunities that we wouldn’t have had prior. And while we were a bit disappointed, we very much believe that God has a plan for us, and that he will continue to watch over us and lead us to where he wants us to be. Joe is very excited to begin training to become a ‘bad-ass’ pilot (and I am SO happy to be able to spend the next 2 months with him here in Hattiesburg as his training doesn’t begin until the end of October.

School has been insane! It is amazing to me how one can forget so easily how many things you have to force yourself to do on a daily basis! I am so excited to be starting, and, yes, can’t wait to finish!!!

So, I’m off to enjoy our new apartment…along with our new television and my new computer! Yay!!! Don’t worry, I will be posting pictures very soon! Esp of Brian and Nicole’s wedding (we fly out on Friday…send good thoughts our way)!!!


One thought on “Oh the newness of everything!

  1. Hey rotary wing helo’s are bad ass! I think that’s great! Glad your getting settled in. Cant wait to seem some pics!

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