Goodness – where has all the time gone?

Hello to everyone:) It’s been so long since I’ve updated on here! Time has been flying, and I am horrible at updating when I am busy. I really should set aside a specific time to do this! haha:)

Joe should be on his way back to me shortly:) He’s been on leave up in Michigan for almost 2 weeks, and has filled his days with family, playing with the mut, and wishing that he hadn’t forgotten the camera back in Pensacola…

Okay, so that last one was mine:) But anyways – he has had such a wonderful time with his family – and I have been more homesick than ever. Not only do I miss my hubby – but now he’s been doing really fun stuff with people that I love and miss!!! Dang it!

🙂 I am super happy that I’ll be able to see him in a couple of days though!

Ah, the fall. Some of you will laugh when you learn that my friend Marlena and I threw an impromptu pool party tonight in our apartment complex. Complete with pizza. Remember that game ‘never have I ever…’…well, “Never have I ever been swimming outdoors in the second week of October”. There, beat that one:)

It’s really pretty insane to have no color down here. All of you northerners know what I am talking about. I MISS IT SO FREAKIN MUCH!!! Today was hot and sticky – but I am refusing to put away the jeans. They are out of the closet, and I am going to wear them (if the simple act of me wearing them is going to will cooler weather). Oh well.

I am off to bed:) Have a glorious fall, and enjoy it! I wish that I could! It seems hardly fair that I no longer get to enjoy my favorite time of year, and rather have to go through perpetual summer. At least it’s not spring:) Here’s to hoping that there will be some color in the upcoming weeks!

Keep your fingers crossed:)


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