So, this is me, pretty much procrastinating:)

Does anyone ever read this anymore??? Hmm…maybe I should update more??? NO? Haha…just wait, I am thisclose to having some time off next week and I can’t WAIT!!! Updates will be very frequent, as much has been going on:)

On a great note though, I should be writing a report (and I use the term ‘writing’ loosely – as it’s a horrible mess and I am too sleep deprived to make sense of it) which is why I am here, blogging for the first time in ages…

SO – I am 25…weird. I am 25 and still bite my nails!!! Ugh. I really have been trying to stop for the longest time. And have the most beautiful nails when I just leave them alone!!! It’s just that when I get stressed out I don’t even think about it. Maybe I should invest in that taste bad nail polish stuff, that way it’s a reminder as to what I need NOT to do…

Okay guys. That’s about all I have left in me for the night. I should probably focus my writing energy on my report. Who knew that neuro-writing was so easy??? By comparison, that is. Because I am over this thing…if anyone was wondering:)

2 thoughts on “So, this is me, pretty much procrastinating:)

  1. You know Im still reading!!! OMG…25?!?! Wish I was 25 again. Wait till you hit 30 sweetie. ha ha ha. You will STILL be fabulous…even if you still bite your nails! :>)

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