Happy Thanksgiving:)

Happy Turkey-Day everyone:) It is my goal for next year to be home for Thanksgiving if nothing more than for the simple reason that we spent SO much time on the phone this afternoon talking with everyone:) It was so nice though, to be able to catch up with people and hear about all of the fun they were having in Manistee and Battle Creek.
Our feast for four people…haha – there was SO much food!!!

So this morning we started with the cooking (and the subsequent cleaning), and ventured to the WalMart…which was surprisingly not that bad for being Thanksgiving day.
Joe and I watching the Macy’s parade before we watched the Packers hand the Lions new asses just in time for the holidays…wait??? Did I say that outloud??? Hmmm….I guess me being a super fan didn’t really help the cause this afternoon:)

This morning was quite an adventure, as I made Baklava for the first time. I woke up wanting some (as the last time I had it was almost 5 years ago), but quickly decided against it, as I had no clue how to make it. It wasn’t until I read through the tutorial thanks to our lovely photographer, Amy, that I realized that it shouldn’t be too hard. And also, that it was destined for me to eat the tastiness that is Baklava today:)

It turned out fairly amazing…thanks to the ‘how to’ complete with pictures:)

But not all was lost today by way of amazing amounts of calories:) I finally found a wine that Joe enjoys (he actually drank an entire glass), and we did have some things that were healthy. Yeah:)

Our dressed up table…which usually doesn’t happen in our house:)

And finally….

One of the hand full of presents that we have already:) YEAH! Joe and I made a pit stop a few days ago and beat the ‘black Friday’ crowds and got some early Christmas presents bought. Although ‘early’ should be relative, since Gram Bechtol usually has a lot of shopping done already:)

Love you all, and have a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with your family and be rested for the next couple of weeks before Christmas:) We can’t wait to see everyone! It’s been way too long!

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