Dreamin’ of a White Christmas:)

From our “Orange Clove with Spiced Pear” smelling kitchen:) I am munching on my 2nd turkey sandwich in as many days…I LOVE left overs right after Thanksgiving! I am so sad to be leaving back for Hattiesburg later tonight, I am so in love with my husband and want to spend so much time with him. It’s pretty unfair how quickly the days fly by when I am in Pace…oh well. This too, shall pass:) I am just trying to be thankful for what time we can spend together!

Last night was an impromptu date night. We ate leftovers and went to see Fred Clause. It was a good movie:) We laughed so much, but the cutest part was that we were sitting next to a family with two small boys, and when Vince Vaughn kissed Rachel Weisz one of the boys said ‘Eeewww, that’s so disgusting!’ a little too loudly;) It was absolutely adorable! Also, afterwards I was in the bathroom and I caught this little girl staring at me, her mom also noticed and softly told her that it wasn’t polite to stare. She responded with “yeah mommy, but she looks like that lady in the movie”. I totally don’t see it, but it was SO sweet!!! Put a big smile on my face:)

So we went for coffee and walked around Target for a while, chatting and taking in the Christmas lights:) We also picked up White Christmas and promptly went home to watch Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye sing and dance:) Joe surprisingly really liked the movie, so maybe there is hope for A Wonderful Life??? Maybe:)

Nicole and Brian came home with a tree and put it together – so we are officially moving into Christmas season with presents and ornaments in full swing!

So Joe and I went for a really long run this morning:) YEAH working out:)

And there’s a lot to be said for having fun while working out…heh. I think I’m a goof.

Koli even got into the action! Yeah:)

Okay, off to shower and pack, and maybe try to get out of going home tonight…hmmm…need to make a couple of calls;) Alright everyone – hope you have a wonderful next couple of days! Can’t wait to be on Christmas break! It would be GLORIOUS!

Also – best thing ever created? Vick vapor Kleenex. MMmmmmm…great relief without smelling like a person with the plague.


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