Back in Hattiesburg…but not without adventure:)

So I left this morning (very early, I might add) to come back to school. I was super excited that I was able to spend another night in Pace, and technically didn’t have to be here all that early, so aside from Joe putting his cold feet on me to get me out of bed after the 3rd (ahem) snooze, this morning went without a hitch…

…well, except for when it came time to pay for my gas. I had already filled up this morning very early, and grabbed a coffee and some water and went to the counter. The guy swiped my card and then asked for my ID. Apparently my card rang up as lost/stolen, and he had to verify that I was who I claimed to be via my checkcard. After half an hour of trying to determine what was going on, and a super stressed call to Joe to come down the street to pay for my gas…and subsequent cancellation of that request, I made it out of the Tom Thumb, card in hand, knowing that it wasn’t my card but their system…(and luckily I caught Joe before he had gotten out the door). But now, my card isn’t working…and the bank doesn’t open until tomorrow.

Hmm, we really are blessed by our advancements in technology, until it screws up and you’re completely stuck! So ladies??? If anyone is interested in going out later, I will have to be your date (and Kim, I will totally buy you lunch tomorrow!!!) as I am without until tomorrow afternoon:) Not that Hattiesburg is really hopping on a Sunday night…

In other news I am in a slightly better mood than this morning, although I’ve gotten little done this morning (aside from the WJA and WJC). I just need to curl up and take a nap, I think. Although I am super bummed that it’s finally gotten cool enough that getting out of bed in the morning is horrible;) That’s the best sleep ever!!! Especially since JW is like a mini toaster oven and I can spend most of the winter in shorts and a tank top rather than wrapped up in flannel pjs:)

Okay – off to work for me:) Need to get things done!!! I hope that everyone has a wonderful rest of the day! And that your Thanksgiving weekend has been all that you had hoped for!!! As for me? 3 weeks and counting:) *Deep breaths* this semester is SO CLOSE to being over:) YEAH!


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