Two guesses as to what I am doing…

And if one of them was procrastinating…then DING DING DING!!! You win a prize:) Haha, actually today has been a really busy day and I am simply winding down a bit before I head out to pick up something for dinner and *maybe* dessert (I’m thinking I’ll head to Target and get a California Kitchen Pizza and some peppermint ice cream) YUM.

This morning came very early (after not being able to sleep at all) as I had to head with Amy and Josh to Biloxi at 5:30am. By no stretch of the imagination was this a good time. But there was a conference that started at 8am, so we had to suck it up and go! The conference was good, and I literally fell asleep as soon as we got back in the car. And coincidentally slept the entire way home. It was nice. And while I could go for another nap, I think I will force myself to head to the store and get dinner…then work on note cards and final outlines for next week. I officially have a week before my stat exam and haven’t done a damn thing for it. I also am currently regretting signing up for thesis work tomorrow. While it is going to help someone out, it means for another early morning, and 6 hours taken away from studies…

Argh. Okay, before I move too far away from my prior ‘Zen’ mood and into histeria…

OH! Joe’s been flying up a storm (although they’ve been EARLY flights…which he isn’t all too happy about) and been having a good time with it. Also, Nicole and Brian are moving out, and looking for a new house. While that really wasn’t the original plan – I am pretty excited about it. It will be nice to be able to be just “Joe and Nichole” for a little while:) And even though part of me wishes that they weren’t moving out, I think God gives you what he knows you need! And I really think I could use more ‘alone’ time with my husband (when I am home:) Because in all honesty – we’ve never actually had that. And we’ve been married coming up on a year…haha, how does THAT happen???

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