Schlumpy work-out day…

Just posting to vent:

Joe and I have been working out pretty well for about the last month. This is the first week, though, that we’ve been really serious and on top of it. Our ‘zero’ week, so to speak.

Everything has been great, while I am VERY sore and tired, I have been sleeping a lot better and actually have more energy (weird – how someone can have more energy but be more tired…).

So here’s the complaint.

I got on the scale 4 days ago to take my baseline weight. Against my better judgment I got back on the scale today. My goal was to loose 2 pounds this week. Instead, I’ve GAINED 2 pounds in the last 4 days. *ARGH*

I know, I know…but it still really ruined the rest of my day!

Hahah:) Okay – here’s to everyone having a better day than me:)


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