Still trying to figure this thing out…

Good morning everyone:) I hope that you all have survived Monday and that the rest of the week looks like a good one for you!

Not too much has been going on here, just trying to figure out my camera. I swear the thing is WAY smarter than I am…so we’re just trying to learn how to work together! Haha:)

The other morning I woke Joe up with “It’s 10am, absolutely beautiful outside, and YOU are still in bed. Get up! We’re going for a walk!”. Really though, he was a good sport, and even didn’t mind that I took my camera (which is quickly becoming my 5th major appendage) with us to capture some ‘nature’ (as Jen would put it…)

Obviously this is a tree:) This was my attempt to work on color saturation, and though it came out looking more like something on a Lisa Frank trapper-keeper, I thought it was cool nonetheless…

When we got back I was bit my a Martha Stewart bug and spent a good part of the afternoon cooking and baking:) I made beer bread (which is SUPER easy) to go with Chili, and then rounded it out with banana bread because we apparently don’t eat produce fast enough…

And, yes, I had to document (although trying to get flour off your hands well enough to NOT get all over your camera was a daunting task.

If we ever get settled in a house for a little while, I am thinking that pictures like this would be super fun to hang in a kitchen.

What’s beer bread without the beer??? Although I wish we wouldn’t have been out of the Cherry Wheat, because I think that it would have given it an interesting flavor.

The finished product:)

SO – as you can see, I have some work to do! I find that my black and whites are coming out fine, but my color balance is off. Hrmmm…I wish very much that we were in MI because Amy Carroll is having a day long seminar that would be SO fun and SO informative! Argh!!!

Not much else for this week, I have to be back in Hattiesburg by Friday for a meeting (BOOOO) and I am going to be shooting one of my friends little boy:) Hopefully it turns out well. It’s been quite some time since working with an 11 month old. But he’s pretty laid back, so it will be a nice experience to slowly get my toes wet and ease in:) (Although anyone who’s ever been swimming with me knows that I opt for jumping in while holding my nose and praying that the initial shock is a good one:)

Have a wonderful rest of the week! And wish me luck on the whole camera thing.


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