A Hattiesburg Winter:)

Come and sit a while with me:) This morning I was determined to have a better day than yesterday, so I got up and headed to campus with my camera. Overall I was pretty happy with the results, it’s getting a bit easier to do everything! Yeah:)

However, I am still finding that I am doing a LOT of editing.

It was an absolutely beautiful day though! Around 65 and slightly breezy:) Just ‘crisp’ enough to feel like a fall day in Michigan. And though I completely miss the snow, today was too beautiful to not put a big smile on my face!

This tree is AMAZING. It is absolutely huge and SO pretty:) I purposely walk out of my way on campus sometimes just to pass it. It really is amazing the things you can see if you just take the time. All the beauty you can enjoy if you just look for it!

Here’s a busy little guy! Haha:) I almost got stung for this one! Oh well…no pain, no gain – right???

So tonight should be loads of fun, my friend Lauren is throwing an Ugly Sweater party that should be fun…hope to have plenty of pics to share tomorrow:)


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