When life hands you lemons…it is best to:

…admit your day sucked, and move on.

So, sadly, this morning I packed up and headed back to Hattiesburg. (Everyone with me: BOOOOOOO). I got here and had a brief meeting and then headed to my apartment. When I got “home” I was greeted with the not-so pleasant aroma of rotting food and noticed that my electricity was still not on (loooong story), and called the electric company and proceeded to ruin some one’s day.

With the promise of having everything turned on by 5, I headed to run errands with Kim and Lauren. A couple of trips around town later, and we landed at Kim’s house where she made us lunch. I wasted a few hours with Kim and then headed back, finding (YEAH) that my power had been successfully turned on, and that I could now clean out my disgusting freezer.

It wasn’t until I had already made plans to see Sweeney Todd and was on the phone with my mother that I heard a knock on the door. It was my downstairs neighbor, who, apparently had water dripping from his ceiling. YEAH:) He came up to let me know that he had called maintenance and was wondering if I had noticed anything. Upon going in the back corner of my apartment I started to hear the ‘squish squish’ as I walked and noticed that the back closet was completely soaked.

That’s when I officially lost it. I thanked him for letting me know, and promptly left for the movie – figuring that the maintenance guy didn’t need me hanging around to help him…and I couldn’t take anything else.

And this is what I just came back to…

I call this the ‘air blower’ duet.

On my front door was a written request for me to keep the ‘air blowers’ on for the night. Which I found pretty funny…industrial fans anyone??? Also, my carpet looks like a huge balloon.

On the bright side – at least I grew up falling asleep to white noise, so it won’t be too hard to finally crash and let this day simply E.N.D. And tomorrow our water heater will be replaced!

*Hopefully* Joe will be able to come for the sweater party tomorrow (I think he felt a little bad for me…), which means that I get to see him:) OH – and his SIM flight went awesome:) YEAH!

Okay guys…off to bed for me. Well, as much as I can muster. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Saturday tomorrow;) I will be taking loads of pictures, and *maybe* hanging out with the boy!

Hugs and kisses!

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