Life really does go on.

It’s a bit of a shock, really, when you finally realize that life does go on.

Yesterday morning, my grandma J suffered a severe stroke. I was able to talk ‘at’ her on the phone as were my brothers and uncle (and she recognized us), and last night she went to God quietly in her sleep.

I have nothing eloquent to say, and I wish more than anything that I did. I’ve never had to loose a grandparent before, or anyone *really* close to me, and it hit me like a ton of bricks on the way home last night. I turned to Joe and simply said “Someone close to me died. Someone DIED tonight, and the world didn’t even stop for a second.” The sun came up this morning, we ate breakfast, and it’s still Jordanne’s birthday. Classes will start on Tuesday, people are still flying…life really doesn’t stop.

She was a strong woman who survived horrors that no human should have ever had to endure. She loved her family, and was very proud. She believed in God and taught me that no matter what service, what religion…it’s the same, it’s God, and if you believe, he will hear you. I know that he’s heard her through the years. And I know that now she is happy. She is at peace now. The kind of peace that alluded her on earth. And for that, I am thankful. For all of the lessons that she learned for us and passed on, I am thankful. And for the wonderful love that only a grandmother understands, I am thankful.

I love you grandma. I heard you last night as I fell asleep. And I hope that in the years to come, when the Lord is willing to take me, that you are there…greeting me to sleep as you did last night: “Why Hello, Sweetheart. You were’n mine first girl, and that make’n you special. I am so proud of you, and wish’n you only the best”.

I love you, very much. And can rest easy knowing that you are home.


One thought on “Life really does go on.

  1. Oh Nich Im so sorry. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Im sure is is looking down on you smiling, and is so proud of you. If you need to talk, im always here! Im still grieving my dad, and that was 3 years ago but it still feels like yesterday. I understand what your going through.

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