Well, then…

So here’s the deal – it’s been forever, and I haven’t a clue as to where to start with an update:)

First off, everything seems to be going well with my family (grandfather esp) since my grandmothers death, and I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers:) It means so much to us!

I have been getting a gazillion pictures, and having so much fun with my camera! Unfortunately my computer doesn’t like the internet hook-up here…and we’re too lazy to fix it! That, and I would totally update during the week…but as you might have been able to tell by my lack of posting…things have been just crazy!

So here it goes (and I promise to get up pics sometime this week), without pictures.

Mostly what I have been dealing with this semester has been catching up. I missed a week going up to MI for my grandmother’s funeral, and then after a week of being back we were at NASP in New Orleans for a week. It was major fun, and such an experience (esp with it being the week of Mardi Gras), but I was happy at the end to get home to my own bed, and my hubby. But since I missed 2 weeks right at the beginning of the semester, it’s been pretty hellish trying to get caught up.

But I am, and the rest of the semester looks to be smooth sailing.

Joe’s been doing well. He’s not flying as much as he would like, but things here have been pretty slow. There was a part wrong with all of the Helicopters, so they’ve grounded a majority, and let them fly once the part is replaced. Because he’s not close to being done, he is not a priority for scheduling. Which, to be honest, if fine with me! That means that he gets to be here a little longer;) YEAH! He’s finally flying on Monday. So he’s excited for that!

More or less we’ve been enjoying ourselves and being lazy with the time that we have together. We’ve been hanging out with Lauren and Matt a lot, and have a number of BBQs and parties to go to this weekend! Yeah;)

Also, in some VERY exciting news – my friend Chrissy called me the other day and let me know that they just found out that she’s pregnant!!!!! I am so happy for her and Matt:) They are going to be great parents! (For those of you who need a refresher…Matt and Chrissy moved in across the street the same day that Brian, Joe, and I moved in over a year ago. He’s in the Navy, and they just got married, and are currently stationed in Jacksonville). I miss her terribly, but am SO happy for them:)

Speaking of pregnant ladies, my friend Kim (who is due a the end of May) has been cracking me up with her pregnancy stories:) She’s a first year with me, and I think that a lot of us are living vicariously through her!!! I am so excited for her baby shower in a couple of weeks (Lauren and I are throwing it for her), it should be LOTS of fun!

I am currently 6 weeks away from the end of the semester. It could NOT come fast enough. This year is just FLYING by, and it’s a mixed blessing for me. On one hand, I would like to be out of here ASAP, on the other, I wish that Joe wasn’t leaving shortly. Soon though:) Really soon! And I won’t have to be in school anymore, and BOTH Joe and I will be doing things that we love…and loving eachother!

Life is pretty great, and flying by way too fast:) I think the only thing that would make it better is if JW and I were together ALL the time, if I was 30lbs lighter (heh), and if my computer would work on the internet so that I could share the minimal progress I’ve made towards becoming a somewhat respectable photographer!

Until next time,


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