Happy thoughts, and bright colors:)

First of all. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement after my previous melt-down blog. Sometimes it’s hard to put things out there and admit that not everything is peachy-keen. I would like to let you know also that I am sleeping lots better. Jack Johnson is lulling me to dream land, and allowing for me to concentrate on other things:)

And talking with the moms and Joe was amazingly helpful as well. I’ve decided to let things go and give them to God. I’ve decided to focus on things that I can change (as in: rather than thinking about kids being mistreated, figuring out what I am going to do about it). And to just love and cherish every second with Joe and know that he’s an awesome pilot…and realize that no time, no days are given for anyone, they are all blessings. And should all be cherished. For everyone…not just for husbands and wives facing deployment.

See??? I told you that my perspective on life was much more positive with healthy doses of sleep.

So here: some photos from NOLA (hehe)… the city is SO bright and SO vibrant. I can’t believe the history and culture. I am so lucky to have experienced it, and to be so close and able to experience again and again! I think I am really falling in love with the city:)

St. Louis Cathederal

French Quarter, New Orleans

Here’s to capturing more moments and memories this weekend! And securing our house…as Joe was able to break in after locking himself out (with NO phone, and the only extra set of keys 3 hours away…) by climbing up through the rafters and entering the house through our attic. Impressive…but WAAAAAYYYYYY scary.


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