Sunny days, and night flights…

How is everyone this afternoon? Good, I hope;) And warm!

Things here are sunny and warm, and true to form I’ve been inside most of the day! Joe and I slept in until 10am (which was wonderful) and then proceeded to get coffee and study a bit for his flight tonight.

He left not too long ago, and I’ve been sidetracked ever since on all things dealing with babies. NO. We aren’t having children any time soon, but I was looking up some stuff for Kim’s baby shower, and got sucked into a website dealing with homemade baby food.

That’s how bored I am right now…I guess. But it is rather interesting, and apparently much healthier and a lot cheaper than buying pre-packaged. SO, goodness all around:)

I still haven’t gotten a lot of stuff done for the shower yet though. And Lauren just called to let me know that where we were having it fell through (we were going to have it at Kim’s but I guess her mother-in-law is coming and she doesn’t want to have everyone there)…and she isn’t going to have it at her place (argh). And because she was on her way into work, it’s now on me to get a place down (either begging another student to host or paying for a place).

It’s a week from now. Oh well. I’m sure that it will come together! I guess that I am going to have to get on the phone and start figuring out what we’re going to do…I guess we could do it at my apartment…but I literally don’t have furniture.

I really am not into joint planning of events. I haven’t the patience.

Speaking of coming together…I went through advisement the other day, and it looks as if I am going to be done with classes Fall of 09. YEAH:) That’s a whole semester earlier than what I was hoping for!

It’s going to be SO much work…but that’s okay:) The sooner, the better, and I cannot wait to be in the same place as my husband permanently!!!! Haha;) I am such a dork!

But I do need to get to work. I have reading and studies to do…and reading the babyfood website inspired me to cook something for dinner. We have pork-chops or pork-chops…

Hmmm…wonder what we’ll be having tonight???

Ooohhh! And working out my arms. Since the 5 mile jaunts with Marlena are doing wonders for my ass, but when looking at a picture of me from behind I saw my arms and was like “WHOA!!!”.

Laters Gaters…


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