Officially bummed out.

El Rodeo, which is only our favorite Mexican restaurant around here, has changed the menu. The officially do not have Nachos Locos anymore.

My love affair with Nachos Locos began last year, when my boss and his wife informed me of their best kept secret. The nachos weren’t even on the menu, but you could order them, and for $9.50 you would get a platter of nachos with steak, chicken, and shrimp (and we’re not talking the gross baby shrimp…these were the huge gulf shrimp cut up) along with jalapeños, guacamole, pico de gallo,lettuce, sour cream, and white cheddar cheese.

It got to the point where we (Matt, Chrissy, Joe, Brian, and I) no longer even asked about the restaurant. The request would simply be: “you in the mood for Nachos Locos???”, which everyone typically was.

The platter was enough for Joe and I to split comfortably. It was ridiculous… we would walk in the door, and our waiter Alejandro would greet us with chips, salsa, and black beans (which came with the salsa free…mind you), within minutes would have a pitcher of margaritas at the table, and beer for the guys (typically Dos Equis) and would ask if we wanted our usual. I would like to think that we put that back on the menu…because not too long after, it made its appearance!

In all truth, it was typically Chrissy and I who would go there on a regular basis. And call Joe or Matt to pick us up afterwards (when they got home from work).

Oh it was wonderful.

And today that dream was shattered! We were so lost, because now mostly dumb Pace high schoolers work there (as the INS has been cracking down lately), and we weren’t met with beans, and then Joe says “wow, they even have new menus…and Nachos Locos isn’t on here”. So we ask the busboy, then the waiter…


It took us 20 minutes to order. We didn’t know what to get!

And I am so sad. My chicken taco wasn’t the same.

And to top it off…no checkout…which meant no mints.

****I died a little inside today*****

2 thoughts on “Officially bummed out.

  1. You know what Erma Bombeck used to say . . . when life hands you lemons, make lemonade!

    Any possibility you could re-create the dish for yourself? That way, you could make Nachos Locos any time you wanted them.

    I know, it’s not exactly the same, but you could still enjoy good food and good friends – only at home instead of the restaurant!

    Love to all–
    Mom W.

  2. Haha:) It’s just nostalgic, I guess, being able to look back at some of the fun times we’ve had since being here.

    I am sure that I would not be able to replicate Nachos Locos…I’ve never tried cooking Mexican food outside of a box. Maybe!?!?!?

    But on the bright side, those are future calories that won’t be consumed!

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