Fixing my attitude!!!

Ahem. Looking back on my last couple of posts, I sound like the most miserable person ever!!! I really promise – I’m not!

So in light of being in a much better mood (since Joe was in and out in about 30 seconds, AND got my W2), here are things that made me happy today:

Waking up for yoga, and being excited to go.

Waking up for yoga, being excited to go, then having it called off which meant I could spend an extra hour sleeping.

Getting my mascara to go on ‘just right’ (sometimes when I sleep funny, even after the shower, my eyelashes are still crazy…and my mascara can’t do anything for them…)


Finding out that I hadn’t missed my deadline.

Procrastinating on reviewing for a quiz.

Hugs from little sticky-sucker-covered hands.

Being able to help out a friend who’s stressing a bit about her thesis. (yeah, data collection!)…

Dance class later tonight.


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