If I was the kind of person who…

…took issue with things to the point were I was willing to act on them, I would be having a hayday with the people that I used to work for.


Who prints off a W2, doesn’t mail it, doesn’t call about it, and then hires someone who is SO inept that she can’t look in my file to see if it’s been filed away. “Um…we’ve had it for a couple of months, I think it might be in your file, but whatever. I mean, like I am sure that it’s here somewhere. I mean, I’ve seen it before around here.”?????

Glad to know that my W2s have been floating around. Seriously, who does that!?!?!?!

I didn’t know that they were actually together enough to have W2s made.

So I’ve sent in the calvary. I’m to the point where I wouldn’t even take care of it myself if I was in town. Maybe Joe can get something out of them without too much issue. Or being stuck there half a day while no one cares that he has things that need to be done (NO regard for other people, their time, or their money). Or getting sucked into philosophical discussions about God and how he hates entire groups of people (NO regard for anything other than their closed minded backwoods Olive Baptists Church propoganda: i.e. women should be at home, men are in charge of the house, Jesus hates gay people, you are a sinner if you don’t endebt yourself to the church, men and women should have lots and lots of kids…the more you have, the more Godly you are, women are inferior to men). Or getting sucked into spending your life savings on things, and having them sold to you as if they are doing you a favor for being so cheap.

Good luck.

Vent officially over.


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