Baby Shower

So Kim’s baby shower was this morning, and I must say that Lauren and I were able to pull it off and I think that everyone had a great time!

We did a brunch, and had 3 waffle makers going at once, mimosas, muffins, and crepes (YUM). Nothing like a carb filled morning to start out one’s day – right??? Pictures would have been posted had we not been threatened by death by Kim to NOT have cameras. Hrmmm…oh well:) It was her shower…who am I to force pictures to be taken?

We played games, gossiped, and opened presents. The highlight of the day for me though, was reading the things that everyone wrote for Maibel. Because none of us have crossed into the realm of parenthood (yeah Kim for being a pioneer!), we weren’t able to give great advice for her impending motherhood. So instead I got birthday cards for ‘milestone’ birthdays, and had everyone write Maibel some advice. Some of them were SO funny!!!

Past that, it’s been a lazy rainy day. This last week, APA came out for their site visit, so it was stressful. But everything went well, and I think they were very pleased with things that are going on here. Yeah for us!

This week is going to be busy busy. I have a couple of tests, and some papers to write. So if you need me…I will be in the library ALL day tomorrow. Eh…I’ll probably find you though…considering that the best catch-up time is when I am procrastinating and trying to avoid getting my work done. I always seem to catch up with Anne the morning of a stat test!!! Haha:)

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful week…and that things are looking sunny and bright for the coming week!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)


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