Rant of the day.

Sorry. I had to.

Let’s talk for two seconds about this “pregnant man”. Really. I was totally interested in this, and trying to figure out how in the hell…until I realized that the ‘man’ who is pregnant is actually a girl, who half-assed turned herself into a man.

She had the doctors take everything but the girly parts. Therefore she is a GIRL. Regardless of facial hair, a slightly deeper voice, and the now absence of boobies.

Sure…interesting that someone would do this. But from a scientific stand point? No. From an anything standpoint? Not really. Anyone could do this. It’s not a phenomena. It’s just a uterus carrying a child, belonging to someone who’s been taking testosterone and has facial hair.

I mean, really, one has to wonder whether or not she really wanted to be a guy. I know that it’s none of my business…but part of the whole ‘man experience’ is standing while peeing and not having to worry about the monthly phenomena. WTF. Bearing and birthing a child doesn’t exactly rank up there with the most masculine of experiences.

I mean no harm, and am not passing judgement. But the media frenzy surrounding this is absolutely asinine.

I mean…let’s think about this. The only thing that is ‘man’ about this lady is the presence of facial hair and the absence of boobs. And it’s not like that isn’t a somewhat common occurrence anyways. Uterus = girl. A MAN isn’t giving birth to a baby in a couple months…a woman is. Or at least woman parts are.

Now…give me a transgender male turned female that’s giving birth and I will be impressed.

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