Jen’s Thesis.

A short few years ago, Teri and I were wrapping up our theses just about now. And Jen was there to hold our hands, keep us from killing either ourselves or each other, and cook us dinner. For like two weeks straight.

I can honestly say that Teri and I both owe our continued sanity to her.

So…she is now embarking on that crappy path…and neither Teri nor I are there to help her through. It will be over soon Jen! I promise:) And you are going to do just awesome!!!

I was just clicking through pictures…looking for some laughs to send her way…

…at least I can try being a friend long distance!

Hot night on the town. Manistee, MI.

This was taken a week before our defenses (we defended on the same day). We road-triped up to Manistee and hung out with my family. I think it was one of the best things that we could’ve done. It was SO relaxing. Don’t let the caption fool you. Our “dates” were Bret and Trevor. Haha;) But we had an awesome time at the Italian Grille…

HOTness. Audubon Society. Manistee, MI.

That’s how we roll:)

Bar Star at the Stone. Mt. Pleasant, MI.

This man is a living legend in the greater Mt. Pleasant area. And we caught him on film! A-m-a-zing.

Those Girls. Mt. Pleasant, MI

Pretty much sums it up…

Designated Drivers. Unfortunately not going home, Mt. Pleasant, MI.

Nick, in all of his chivalry, had a hard time telling any of us ‘no’. It usually ended well, we would get him just a bit out of his comfort zone, and make him have fun. That didn’t work out for us so well that night. As we should have gone home…but somehow ended up at the Wayside. Yeah. You read right. Yeah. I’m ashamed. Yeah. We had fun…I think.

To wrap up…Jen, hang in there:) You are going to do just amazing! I know it!!! I wish that I could be there to help out…but I’ll do my best from 4 states away!

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