Southern Weather Patterns…

One thing that I have noticed here that is very different from the north is the absolutely crazy weather. Now. You would think that being from Michigan, and having parents who live on a Great Lake, that I wouldn’t be so surprised. Well…I am. And here are some of the fun pics that I’ve captured…some of them were pretty freaky actually being there…
Sunrise over Mobile Bay. Mobile, AL

It was early morning when I took this picture. I can’t for the life of me remember why Joe was with me on my way back to Hattiesburg, but he was:) We were on Mobile Bay Bridge, and the sun was actually rising again over the fog. It was absolutely nuts. The bridge allowed us to get just enough over the fog that we could see well into the distance…which leads me to my next picture…

Foggy Morning. Mobile, AL.

It was so cool to see the fog wrap around the buildings and move. It really looked like it was alive that morning:) How nuts! I wish that I had my camera with me at that time…argh. Would have been able to get a much better shot of it!

For my next shots…they aren’t the best, but they are true to color (well…save the black and white one…). But for anyone who has ever gotten a frantic call from me saying “Can you get the weather channel for me and look up what in the &%%*%* *&*&# is going on here???” THIS is why:

Drive home, 5pm. Lucedale, MS.

Drive home, 5pm. Part II. Lucedale, MS.

I think I talked to Joe, Dad, Bret, and Jen that night. It was nuts! I was so freaked out that I did the best thing you could do with impending bad weather…take a picture. Haha:)

Drive home. Lucedale, MS.

So enjoy your weather…and the pics. In honor of the phone conversation with Jen the other day who asked me just how bad the weather down here was. “Everytime I check the weather, something crazy is going on with you guys!!! Enough to make national news anyways”.

Ah well:)

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