Adventuring into photography…

Hello all.  I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful last month.  Things here have been very busy (even though I’ve technically been on break for about 3 weeks).  Joe’s winging is the 27th, and we are gearing up for that.  We’ve narrowed our selection down a bit, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed (and toes…eyes…) for getting one of our top two choices.

I am back in Hattiesburg after a fun-filled last couple of weeks.  I am pleased to announce that my apartment was indeed intact this time around upon my return.  Yeah:)

So onto the more fun subject of my new adventure.  I’ve been kicking around the idea of actually doing photography as more than a hobby for some time, and between having an amazing camera and time these past few weeks to actually delve into it…I can’t help but dream a little of actually having my own photography business on the side of everything else (hey – we got to pay for our plane tickets back and forth somehow…haha).

Of course, it will be small potatoes as my first priority is school and becomming the best psychologist I can be.  I hope that it will, however, quench the thirst of my very parched artistic side.

So let me share my initial venture back into the world of Child Photography. 

This busy little one is Brandon.  He’s so much fun, and both he and his mom kept me laughing all day long.  I spent roughly 4 hours with them on an afternoon last week.  Having come from working for a photographer who was the master of the 20 minute session with the same prop/pose, it may be a little ridiculous to think of 4 hours.  I think what I ended up with speaks for itself.  While I am not claiming that my photos are outstanding, by any means, I am happy to have actually captured “a day in the life of little Brandon”.  This, to me, is important because I think so much is lost in the studio and little day-to-day things are just as important to capture.

He is for sure going to be a heart breaker with those eyes when he gets older!  He wasn’t too sure of me at this point.  🙂  He had just gotten up from his nap, and after initially sharing all of his toys with me, realized that I was pointing a large black thing that made noises at him.

Little Brandon

I love his reflection in the back of this one and how the light hits the tops of his little ears.  I took the saturation down quite a bit and increased the contrast.

Little Brandon and Jamie

I love the way he looks up at Jamie in this picture.  I think there is something that is daunting about climbing down the stairs as a little one.  He has quite the death grip on her hand:)

Little Brandon

Back to being a busy little boy.

Little Brandon

Jamie calls him a ‘park junkie’.  They spend almost every afternoon outside at the neighborhood park.

Little Brandon


Little Brandon

Every time a helicopter flies by he looks up at it.  It’s just the cutest thing, and Jamie always says “look!  It’s daddy!”.  SO CUTE.

I really am digging how vintage these turned out. 

Not too soon after this, we headed back indoors.  It was H-O-T. 

I had so much fun with them, and am so happy that Jamie let me use them as Guinea pigs.  I am shooting Maibel tomorrow (yeah!  Kim had her baby over break).  And am looking forward to meeting her and catching up with the new mommy herself!

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