The Northerners and the Seafood Boil.

No surprise for any of you who have talked with me since the program crawfish boil, but I am in love with ‘boiled’ seafood. Esp crawfish.  Joe too!  So we decided for his winging party, we would treat our families to a ‘Southern Style’ meal complete with crawfish and shrimp!

That being said?  Neither of us had any idea as to what we needed to do. So last weekend we ventured to the Wal-Mart to get all of the hardware and then made our way to Joe Patties for fresh crawfish and shrimp.



They were really fresh…this one was a bit pissy-pants.

The pot.

Our HUGE pot. It’s 80 quarts, and you could fit Echo in it.

So we invited our friends over (all of whom are from the north/midwest) and attempted to give them an authentic experience.  Haha.

The boys

The boys playing corn-hole.

The girls

The girls.


The Dineen’s super motivated corn-hole boards.

Mmmmm seafood.

It looked AMAZING!  And, it was wonderful.  We are, however, going to get some advice so that it tastes better than the spice-packet directions.  Zataran’s directions leave a bit something to be desired.  I guess that’s when you defer to the professionals.

After that, we rounded out the night with some Torte.  YUM.  Lauren did an amazing job on it!!!


Okay, now I am officially hungry.  Haha:)  Hope everyone has a great night!  Can’t wait to see “y’all” in a couple of weeks!


3 thoughts on “The Northerners and the Seafood Boil.

  1. Looks like you left out some of the most important ingredients… garlic cloves, lemons, ect. I guess the Southerner of the group should have come over to help!

  2. We don’t know where we are headed yet. Won’t know until just before…argh:) You know how it goes…

    And we DID have garlic in there. And oranges. Just not enough, because I just looked at the pic and you really can only see one bunch of garlic at the top!!!

    Told you we needed help!

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