Okay, you can disown me…

Bear with me guys. I am blogging from the crackberry, because JW still doesn’t have internet. So, I guess what I’m saying is NO thrills tonight!

I haven’t the slightest idea where I left off. I know that I haven’t updated about the fateful camping trip during which my camera officially bit the big one. Nor have I gone into detail about JWs winging. I’m SUCH a bad updater:) On top of all that, I have updates and pictures from his trip to CA. And now we’re at me traveling to see him. Oy.

I’ll backtrack later, as I have many photos to share.

My trip out here was fairly uneventful. Aside from being “woozy” (apparently, I now have fluid in my ears which is making life a little more “bouncy”) and being switched on carriers, then flying to Philly, then a five hour flight to San Diego. The trip was pretty easy, not too bumpy, and totally worth it when I landed and was able to enjoy the weather. That’s how beautiful it is here. The WEATHER made it worth it, I was totally happy within seconds of stepping off the plane. Seeing JW (which has been just amazing) has been the cherry on top of this big perfect weather, no humidity sundae. Haha.

That night we ate dinner at Gregorios. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. (BTW, that took all-together too long to write on this baby keyboard…no more of that tonight!). I had shrimp pasta with a spicy tomato sauce, JW had the eggplant parm. Absolutely delish! We ended the night with a moderately paced stroll back to the truck complete w handholding. Hey, there may be something about this long distance thing:)

The following night we were at an Irish pub, too much fun. Reubens and a pitcher of Fat Tire later, a cover band doing O’Kelly’s music and great conversation…life couldn’t have gotten better! Being able to walk home was so nice.

Friday we had dinner with Rory, Joe’s roommate a few blocks from their apartment at another Irish place. And Saturday Joe and I braved the waves and went boogie boarding. Rinse and repeat for Sunday. (I’m also getting pretty good at it, btw.)

Yesterday, one of my girlfriends from Pensacola and I met up to waste the day and drive around in her beautiful 71 (?) Corvette. We spent hours at the mall bumming around (and I spent all together too much money in my head…seriously, everything I saw I wanted…I think that’s the best way to shop though. Because my bank account only took a 12 dollar hit:). We came back for a late lunch at a pizza place back in Carlsbad which turned into enjoying a local brew, which turned into Joe W and Joe B meeting us there for dinner:)

Today we met up again, boogie boards in tow, and spent a couple hours at the beach. We then grabbed lunch at a little cafe (had the BEST BLT with avacado…YUM) and hit up some of the local shops. Ventured into a wine store and tried this Argentinian wine that is served on ice with a lime, can’t even begin to describe! Both of us left with a bottle, and plans to come back this weekend for a wine tasting (and beer sampling for the gentlemen).

Have plans to hit the beach again tomorrow (um, did I mention it’s a 10 minutes walk???) Though, may put that on hold seeing as how I’m a touch (okay, a lot) pink in the face and arm areas. Also, JW doesn’t have to go in until a bit later (he’s got duty tonight until 1am…hence the blog), so I would like to spend a lazy morning with him, camping on the floor.

Which brings me to my next point. The air matress is no more. We couldn’t take it. We’ve reverted to camp-style minus the stars and crickets (or, with my string of camp-related luck, frostbite, bugs, tsumanis, and cameras in the big drink). Not for long though, we are now the proud owners of a tempurpedic matress. Due for delivery next Wednesday. Just before I’m set to go to mississippi. Yeah.

Oh well:) Super excited either way! Okay. Life is pretty amazing this second. Maybe near perfect. If I could get rid of the fluid in my ears, that would be great. Though, I’m not willing to give up the boogie board for that to happen. Oh well:)

Will catch up later! Peace out from the most perfect place ever, with the most perfect boy:) I love no air conditioning!!! Le sigh.

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