Day one, Camp Pendelton

So, my first trip to CP has been less eventful than my maiden voyage onto NAS Pensacola. But nerve wracking, nonetheless. JW has been scheduled for a bunch more BS today, and rather than having me sit at home, he wanted me to come to base and grab lunch w him during the 2 hrs he has off btw things. Me, being the chickenshit I am when it comes to driving in CA, am currently sitting in a parking lot on mainside. Hehe.

I’ve managed to make it off, then back on base. Ordered coffee, and was ma’amed by a group of junior Marines while ordering Subway breakfast (blech), all while trying not to breath towards people because in my haste in the ten minutes I was given to get out the door, I forgot to brush my teeth. Eeew.

I’m going to write a book, I swear.

Things here have been pretty amazing. Stephanie and I have been spending most of the day (almost every day) at the beach. This, btw, is BAD for my dissertation. GOOD for my tan and peace of mind. Still haven’t weighed the cost/benefit of the whole matter…but I’m sure I will eventually be motivated to get some work done. Heh.

Okay. Off to find the flight line. JW should be done with the CO shortly. And I would like to spend some time with him while I’m here.

🙂 btw, busting out the camera (Joe’s pos camera…but a camera all the same…ARGH) today to get some pics! Vacay is almost half over, and I have no concrete visions to show. Though you should see the vivid memories in my head. Though…they say that eyewitness testimony isn’t often trusted. Haha. I think its perfectly fine that I’ve already edited myself to be skinny, tan, and have perfect eyebrows in my memories of boogie boarding on the beach!

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