T minus approx 48 hours…

Until I am on my way back to Mississippi. And I STILL have NO pictures to show for this amazing trip:) I am headed out shortly to bum around until Joe comes home, and will take the camera. Ah well, not the same, I guess:)

I will be better again, once my camera is fixed!

Things here have been relaxing, and down right boring the last two days. Stephanie left for MI for her brother-in-laws wedding, so my day buddy has been gone. It’s been pretty great though…not having too much planned, and just taking a couple of days off. I’ve gotten a lot of sleeping in, and some serious facebooking done. And yes, even a bit of work.

I’m a little sad to be off to MS in a few days, but I’m trying to see it as: one less vacation to do. Haha:) We’re almost (officially) one vacation closer to not having to vacation to see each other! Plus, I’m excited to get the semester started so I can be DONE.

I am very much over school. I love it, my program, the kids I get to work with, everything that I’m learning…but I am really very much ready to just knock this one out.

Ah well, soon enough:)

Okay, off to shower and get my day started. Will take pics of sunny Carlsbad!

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