…A very Merry Un-birthday…

Joseph James is 27 today:)  (Well, as of an hour and a half ago, according to MI time, half an hour ago my time, and in about and hour and a half on his own time).  So, I guess it’s currently his unbirthday, and he’s still 26 for the next little bit.

I have been SO bad about updating this blog.  Things here have been insane.  Good news is, however, that the semester is flying by, and sooner than later Christmas will be here!  Yeah:)  Unfortunately, this blog has taken quite the hit for my lack of updating.  It’s going to take some major effort to breath some life back into this thing, which is why I think I’ve let it go for so long.  SO many updates, and SO much going on…but I haven’t time to talk to very many people, much less write a blog.

Do you know that I had to reenter my password???  That’s how long it’s been!!!  Ah!

Heh.  Anyways, back to the original point of this blog.  Joe’s birthday!  27.  WOW!  And to think that I’ve known him since he was 22.  I can’t believe how much time flies:)  Tomorrow he’s lying low, and informed me that he wasn’t going to celebrate his birthday.  I fly out on Wednesday (for fall break), and he’s waiting to celebrate officially until I get there.  Sweet boy:)  Though, I am sure that his friends won’t let him just sit and do nothing.

Last year was too much fun.  Matt Dineen’s birthday is on the 14th.  And Matt and Joe’s surprise birthday party was the first party that Lauren and I threw together.  SO much fun:)  I wish that we were all back doing something like that again!  I miss everyone!  Especially Joe. 

Oh well, just a few short days.  And things here have been so crazy, that I missing Joe isn’t something that I have a whole lot of time to sit and do.  Good thing about school, I guess.

Okay, to leave you with a pic from the party last year…and a promise to mold this thing back into something fun to read with your morning coffee. 


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