Happy Halloween!


Happy halloween everyone!  The above picture one of Jack, the little guy who made his debut a few months after my wedding, and the son of one of my favorite girls in the whole world!  Julie always makes me laugh and feel great about life.  So, no surprise when I saw her blog yesterday morning (before a stats exam, mind you) she somehow made me laugh and feel great about the day ahead.  I about pee’d my pants laughing so hard.  Had to share.  I’m sure she won’t mind…

Things here have been pretty tame.  Just got back from MidSouth, had a great time, save coming back with a cold.  Oh well.  It was wonderful getting away and seeing all of the beautiful fall colors.  Slumber parties with the girls is always SO much fun as well…staying up chatting with Laura was a great time 🙂

Okay, off to the clinic.  I’ve been banned (by Laura) from Columbia today.  So I may take full advantage of it and get some things done up at school.  Hope everyone has a great Halloween!  And that you get to hand out lots of candy to glitter and superhero clad little ones 🙂


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