Falling Back

Does anyone know what the time actually is???  Haha.  I only have access to my phone and my computer.  Both of which say the same time.  I’m just unsure if they both automatically updated themselves or not…guess I need to hurry up and find my watch – huh?

This weekend has been super unproductive.  I’ve had a cold for the last couple of days, so I’ve been moving around a lot slower than usual.  The semester is moving along, and I am very excited to be getting my camera back.  Within a few days, I will have the box from Olympus…and will be able to get my camera fixed!!! I’ve missed the opportunity to take SO many pictures.  And I’ve procrastinated my way through the last couple of months on getting this done.

So that is my goal for the next year.  To really start making time for things that are important.  To not let school take over everything.  To call people, chat more, blog more…and to find time to exercise and eat right…and to not use school as an excuse for sucking at the rest of life. 

Not that I think I suck at life…I’m just really good at being a student right now.

Okay…just my random thoughts for the morning.  Off to work-out!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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