gym, life, and self-promotion…

This is my “yeah is me” post. If you don’t want to hear it, skip the following!

Today was a wonderful and very busy day. I’ve spent more time in the car than I care to this last week, particularly since I’m road tripping to Michigan for Thanksgiving…but in the end, I think it’s all worth it! I’ve been making time for the gym (and actually getting up early to do so), and things have been going great on that end! I’ve been trying to eat healthy (and been moderately successful) so bonus…

Today I caught up with one of my girlfriends who is in North Carolina now, and cannot wait to get there! Class wrapped up early, so we continued our discussion at Keg and Barrel. And I spent the day out in a school with a girl who knows SO much, and I can learn SO much from…and things went SO well! We collected data and chatted about various psychology things. FUN! And the funniest part was at one point she said “girl, you had better be self-promoting in prac on Thursday. Need to let them know all about what you are doing!”

She was kidding, as it’s a bit of an inside joke, but it made me laugh! Bu, there is some truth to it. Who is going to know what you’re doing unless you tell someone? I’m not saying that you need to bore the world with stupid details (unless blogging…then it’s all free game), or brag your ass off, but a little heightened awareness of you kicking your butt day in and out is always in good taste and a matter of self preservation at times. Especially when it comes time for reviews!

So, all-in-all, good day. Especially considering that the semester is just FLYING! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! And I get to see JW next Wednesday night! I miss him so much, and am looking forward to hugging and kissing on him…(gag, I know:).

Okay, back to work. Need to keep coming into my own as a professional. I see the change in myself…and it’s exciting! Need to start seeing my butt get skinny though…then maybe I’ll be as excited about the gym! Haha:)


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