Rain, rain, go away…

Nichole wants to play around Carlsbad!!!

SO, I’ve been in what shouldbe sunny San Diego since last Friday night, and it’s rained almost every day! And it’s a COLD rain! BOOOOOO. Didn’t mind so much when I had Joe with me during the days to keep me company and goof around with…but now he’s back to work trying to get his last flights in so we can head out to North Carolina.

And his flight got cancelled today because the weather was so crappy. Again…BOOOOO!

Oh well:) Exciting new development: we’ve been house-hunting on-line. I managed to find the most fabulous old Plantation home in need of some TLC.  Eh…not enough time right now. Maybe in a few years? When I officially loose my mind in grad school? I doubt I would ever want to go through the hassle of moving that thing either! Holy crap! What I nightmare that would be!!! Great price, though. On a serious note, we are looking for homes right now…and hoping to move shortly. It will be SO nice when I am within driving distance and actually have a home:) No more being based out of a crappy apartment!

Even better though, is the new addition to our fabulous family:) After years and years of trying…I finally got my All-Clad set! YEAH!!! We just got them yesterday, and I already have a strong desire to tuck them into bed at night! They are fabulous! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! Even better was the price that we got them at! They were having a sale at Macy’s and Joe was like: “babe, why not?” and I was SO excited only to find out they were out of the 10-piece set. Oh well. So we bummed around base a little while after that, and found they had a 9-piece set for almost $200 cheaper than the Macy’s sale price (also, without tax). So we started going through all of it, and the lady told us that we should wait a few days for the %20 sale on housewares. And, even though I am completely impatient, we got up early on Tuesday and grabbed our pans. As we were checking out the clerk said “oh-wait!” and she pulled out a $20 off coupon. All said and done, we got our cookware for way less than $500. Best part is, they’re all pans that I will use regularly (whereas the 10-piece had two pans and two lids…hence 4 of the 10 pieces that I would have rarely used) and we can slowly add exactly what we need! None of this paying a ton of money for a set that we won’t use all of (as in, seriously…a butter warmer???? That’s what a bowl and microwave are for…I’m not that high-class).

So, life is pretty exciting. And I’ve been cooking in fabulous pans! Now if we could just get JW through his last 3 flights and us onto the East Coast, life would be pretty perfect:) Hopefully getting a small tree tonight…so it feels more like Christmas. Also, planning on hitting up Carlsbad as soon as it stops raining. I would like to find a set of ornaments that reminds me of here:)


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