Simple (and amazing) meal!

Eh, so I am back blogging…because I can’t get anything else done! As it’s raining and I was simply too lazy to get up with JW at 6am this morning!

Yesterday Mr. Marine made dinner, and it was absolutely fabulous! To be perfectly honest, I had my doubts when he told me about what he was planning on. BUT, as it baked and filled our house with a wonderful scent I went from being hesitant to unable to wait for dinner!

Just trust me on this guys!

Half an acorn squash, make a meatball out of sausage and place in the center (after you clean it out, obviously), put a couple of pads of butter around the outside, wrap in foil with the top left open, and bake at 320 for (about) 2.5 hours (or until the squash is tender…test with a fork). Joe used Jimmy Dean Hot sausage, and it was absolutely amazing.

Thanks Mom W for passing on the recipe!!!

Happy baking and hope you all stay warm in the mounds of snow!!!

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