Beach Bum



…Did you ever sail on an ocean,
That further placed upon your heart?
For deeply below this ocean,
Lies a silent whisper, where love starts…

 Lovelyn Layon


The ocean this morning was cold.  Very cold. The air temperature was just above 45, and the wind was howling…gave me that “just in from the beach” summer look. (Wellm, aside from my red nose, I am sure). And though I didn’t venture down the wind-created sand cliffs to the water, it was wonderful to sit and enjoy the morning on the beach. It would have been better with a Breve’ and a pastry, though not as fabulous as some (without diamonds an updo and an evening gown).

What is it about the Ocean that is good for the soul? 🙂

This morning I dropped JW off on base and headed back to Carlsbad. After my small and enjoyable detour to the beach, I am happy to say that I am waisting time waiting for everything to open up. Christmas is in two days and I haven’t completed shopping (for dinner, presents…etc.). I have a few ideas for Joe for Christmas, all of which require a bit of legwork. Hmm…maybe for our wedding anniversary then?

The above picture was not taken by me, though I wish it were…still don’t have a camera!!!

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