…little bear hiccups…

Today was an eventful day and not because of anything that I did, I assure you. I pretty much studied, worked out, and talked to Joe for HOURS on the phone today. Nothing too exciting to blog about, I promise.

But one thing made me smile. It was first thing in the morning, I was rolling around trying to will myself back to sleep (but am very much used to being out of bed by 7) when I started feeling this rythmic flutter that lasted for about a minute. It took me some time to realize that our little bear, in fact, had a good case of the hiccups.

I laughed completely out loud and called JW. He shared the news with Dallas, Ashley, Matt and birthday-girl Lauren who were all out for breakfast. It’s so much fun to hear the excitement in his voice when he hears something new about the bambino. He is going to be a really good dad…

This week is going to be a big week for us. Joe is coming into town on Thursday and will stay for 10 days! YAY!!! Also, we’re finding out on Friday if we will be favoring blues or pinks. I do have a gut feeling…but you never know! We’ll see if I’m right on Friday.

I’m just excited to drop the “it” “him/her” or variations of “they” after this week.

And stitches come out of my arm tomorrow morning! FINALLY 🙂

Obviously, will post with the news.

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