Oh…it’s been SO long!

Elliott Marie

Elliott Marie

How has everyone been??? It’s been too long since I’ve been on here to update  the blog!

Picture is Ellie-Belly (as her sweet daddy calls her) at 22 weeks. She has a pointy little chin like her daddy and her uncle Cj. TOO sweet!!!

By the way ~ ever want to see a Marine’s heart melt? Tell him he’s going to have a little girl. Joe talks to her and she starts squirming and kicking. After prayers when the world has gone to sleep and it’s just mommy, daddy, and Ellie he’ll put his hand on my stomach and start talking to her. She doesn’t move on command for anyone else…but all JW has to say is “hey Ellie-belly…I love you sweet little girl” and she performs the whole Nutcracker ballet.

They interact with eachother like they’re part of this secret little club that only daddy’s and their little princesses with beautiful little pointy chins get to belong to. And for these short few months, with her nestled and protected and growing, I get to be part of this group too. I get to see and feel their bond. I get to hear the love that comes through in Joe’s voice when he talks to her…and it’s just amazing. I get to watch my wonderful husband who is perhaps the finest man I know become more amazing than I ever thought possible.

I get to watch him become a daddy. 

Isn’t it lucky?

Sorry to be mushy and all sorts of intimate…it’s not that I really care to share this all with you. It’s just that I  don’t want to forget how I feel this second, thinking about JW and our little girl, and the life we’ve been guided to, sacrificed for, and worked SO HARD to get. And this second…my computer is handy. 

Well…now that summer is here, I will be working at getting this blog back in shape! Life in the South has slowed as a necessity of the heat, here’s hoping to it leading to some reprive and the ability to do things other than school!

But, it’s getting late. And Ellie and I have a diabetes test in the morning. So off to bed.


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