My new sparkle***

June 015

I have to brag…just for a bit.

When Joe and I were first engaged, we bought a house rather than an engagement ring. In Wilmington a few weeks ago, we were at the Cotton Exchange walking through a local jewelers and I saw the most amazing ring! Joe asked me if I wanted to trying it on, and once it was on he asked me if I wanted it. Not believing him, I gave him this funny look…promptly handed it back to the lady behind the counter, and we headed out of the store.

Once away from the sales woman, Joe informed me that he was being serious. He asked me again if that was the one I wanted, told me that if it was he wanted to get it for me…and we promptly turned our butts back around and got it. So spontaneous and romantic, and more beautiful than I would have ever imagined!

We then spent the rest of the day bumming around together, holding hands and most likely being too gaggy…as if we had just actually gotten engaged again 🙂 It’s okay, though!

But sometimes, that man makes me smile so much my face hurts.

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