…sweet little toes, sweet little nose…

 4d 1

Elliott ~ profile

This last week, I had a 4-d ultrasound done of precious little Elle. Unfortunately, she was sound asleep and not in the mood to cooperate. So, we didn’t get any really good face pictures. I was doing this as a surprise for Joe for Father’s Day. But, since they really didn’t turn out, I went to plan B.




We did manage, however, to get a super cute shot of her feet. She has her daddy’s feet, poor girl. Or that is how it seems…they are super cute, and now I have a visual of exactly what is getting me in my ribs lately.



~Elliott Marie~

Her face is a little hard to make out, and it was certainly not the “holy cow she looks like….” shot I was hoping for. She does have a sweet little cherub face, and super cute little cupid-bow lips. I could just kiss and cuddle on her right now! But I guess we will have to wait to see who she looks like 🙂 The regular ultrasound picture (at the top) looks like she has a strong little pointed chin (like her daddy and her uncle Cj). I do, however, hope that SOME of me gets through there…because I am a much cuter girl than either Cj or Joe! 🙂

Either way, she’s gorgeous…and I’m completely in love with her. As is her daddy!

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