6 weeks out…

Before a little someone makes her grand entrance into the world.

I know that I’ve been horrible at keeping this blog up recently, but things have been a little crazy. Will be much better at this in the future (when I have less time, but more to blog about).

Just got to spend a fabulous weekend with JW (and by weekend, I mean day) crammed full of all sorts of getting ready things. We have a crib and mattress, an amazing bed skirt (which was such a splurge…but I really fell in love), and some great memories of our last day together before the bean gets here. It was bittersweet, but very exciting to look into her crib and listen to Joe talk about how soon a little one was going to be in there.

Our little one:) It’s coming so quickly, and I am nervous, excited, and freaked out! What a great adventure! Can’t wait to have her here and snuggled between her mommy and daddy…I’m sure we’ll be super amazed at how much we love her (considering that we’re amazed at how much we love this little person that we haven’t even met yet!)

But for now, Miss Elliott, you stay put. Mommy’s getting back to work, and Daddy is back home. We love you more than we could have ever imagined and are very excited to watch you grow into a kind, beautiful, smart, free thinking, and independent woman who will stand up for yourself and what you believe in. But promise us not too grow too quickly…after all, you have to be your Daddy’s silly little ducky girl, my snuggle-bug, and our little princess for just a little while.


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