…not yet…

Beaner has stayed put! Joe got down here last night, and I’ve been running around trying to get as much done as possible before my induction early Thursday morning.

Sorry if I’ve missed your call. I’ve been in the clinic, in class, and on the phone with clients. My professors laugh at me every time they see me, and I am surprised that they haven’t resorted to asking me to push around a mop and bucket (in case my water breaks).

Thank you everyone for all of your sweet thoughts and prayers! They are very welcomed! We’re over the moon excited to meet our little Elliott and officially become parents. I’m a bit nervous about Thursday but am more than happy to announce that Joe has perfected the various pain management techniques that my mom taught him! (After all, having 5 kids with NO pain medication takes some know-how). He’s a quick study!!!

Oh! And since there has been some confusion…I am NOT having a c-section. Inductions and c-sections are two very  different things. I really don’t think that it will come to being induced anyways, since she seems pretty determined to be here on her own.

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