…going underground…

That was the title of the last post that I drafted…and to be honest, I think that says a lot.

I’ve learned in life that sometimes a little self-censorship is appropriate, particularly when you really don’t have anything nice to say.  My great-grandmother had an old adage about flies, vinegar, and honey and while I wonder what the use of attracting flies is, I think that she was on to something.

I think where I ultimately went wrong is when I chose to censor myself completely. 

Regardless of my reasoning to purposefully abandon this blog, I’ve decided that it is time to breath new life into it.  So much of life has happened over the last 9 months, and it saddens me that I’ve chosen to keep it hidden.  I started this blog to allow people who have been close to us in life the opportunity to follow along, to keep tabs.  And in my desire to control the amount of information available, I’ve managed to keep people who hold a pretty special place in our lives out.

So…there it is.  A bunch of jumbled words that say a lot without saying anything.  Nice.  Obviously, this is a skill that I’ve managed to pick up in my adult life.  Not too sure that I’m proud of it…

Now.  Onto more important things: Life.

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