Lazy Sundays…

which aren’t so lazy, after all.

Today was full of fun and excitement.

Okay…I lied.  There really wasn’t anything exciting about it, but that’s not to say that the day wasn’t full. 

After dealing with a stubborn fever that refused to go away all week-long, I was less than motivated to leave the house.  So we sat at home.  And colored with broken pieces of crayons, finger painted to our hearts content, and scribbled all over the shower walls during bathtime. 

It is nice to see little scribbles all over everything.  Even if it does lead to more cleaning (i.e. scrubbing) on my end.  It means Ellie’s little imagination is starting to form.  And it seems to be huge and colorful 🙂

I’m on a new quest to become more like June Cleaver…well, if that means that June Cleaver cooked and baked and danced like and maniac and did fun crafty things.  I’m pretty sure that’s what that means.  Maybe minus the dancing part.

But I’ve been thinking over the last couple of weeks about my childhood, and how I want Ellie to remember hers.  My parents were always busy…but they also made a lot of time to do things that were really special.  And I would like to give that to Ellie.

So last night I dug deep into my creative side and sewed Ellie a cute little felt coin purse.  In honor of Valentines day, it was heart-shaped and all sorts of pink and purple and glitter.  As I was making the damn thing, I was picturing all sorts of “oohs” and “ahhs” over it.  When she really likes something she will squeeze her chunky little arms around it, gripping it tightly to her chest, and swing her torso around…grinning wildly from ear-to-ear.

I would be a liar if I told you I expected anything less than that.  This morning, she woke up grumpy at a 99.8 temp.  Maybe not the best time to bestow my fabulously gaudy gift on her.  But I thought, hey…this will at the very least make her smile.

It did not.

Rather, she crumpled it up in her hand and threw it on the ground as she tried to squirm and worm her way out of getting her diaper changed. 

I would also be a liar if I didn’t tell you that a small little part of me died at that moment.

Hours later, when retelling the tale to my husband via video-chat, he chuckled and asked Ellie why she didn’t like it.  I picked it up, showing him the gaudy wonder of it all, simultaneously catching a certain little person’s attention.  She trotted over and asked me for it, took it in her little chubby hand, studied it, decided that it was alright, smiled and skipped off with it.

I didn’t even realize I was grinning like a femme-village-idiot until Joe interrupted my moment of happiness with, “I bet you’re just over the moon right now”.

Why yes, honey.  I am.

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