My funny Valentine.

Valentine’s Day.

As much as I’m NOT into celebrating silly holidays…and bestowing meaningless chocolates and flowers on people, I would be a liar if I didn’t admit to enjoying any reason to give/get presents.

I mean, really…does anyone actually dislike getting a thoughtful gift?

Particularly when it arrives in the mail!?!?!?! (I’m obsessed with getting mail.  I love love love it.  Maybe more than chocolate chip cookies and Mangia’s pizza…)

In all seriousness, getting mail is like getting a little hug wrapped up and sent to you via United States Post Service.  I simply love everything about it.  With technology quickly taking over every aspect of life, there’s something about real honest-to-goodness mail that seems thoughtful and purposeful.   To actually mail something takes effort and time.  For those 2 minutes of jotting down a quick note, stuffing the envelope, and putting that little red flag up, the sender has thought about the sendee (hehe) and has made a physical connection with something that will go somewhere else.

I could write a whole post on getting mail.  I really could.

BUT, back to the original point of this whole tangent…Valentine’s Day. 

A few days before Valentine’s, I was surprised with a sweet little box filled with the best kind of present.  The hand-made ones.   My super-talented and sweet mom sent Ellie and I both little surprises (hugs, if you will) all the way from Michigan.

First – my super warm headband.  A girl’s got to keep warm in the New England winter!!!


Ellie took this picture, BTW.  What a talented little chick!

Before I move on…can I please just share what Ellie was wearing when we opened presents???  I mean, really…this girl has some pretty sweet style!!!


I made Ellie put some proper clothing on before we continued.  Nanna sent Ellie the softest little blanket and a sweet and sparkly little silver purse.  She carries her blanket around like she’s Linus.  And she loves putting her purse on, pushing her baby stroller, going to the door and saying “bye!!!”

Such a little grown-up.




Getting hand-made little wonders in the mail sparked some creativity in me.  In my previous post, I referred to Ellie’s little coin purse.  Well, here it is.

Too bad she’s not super in love with it…

So, all-in-all a pretty tame Valentine’s day.  With lots of love and snuggles, and all the things the day should be about.  And not a half-dead overpriced flower or gross chocolate in sight.

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