If you do not sow in the spring, you will not reap in the autumn.

~Irish Proverb

The days are getting longer here in New England.  The breeze is blowing warmer air, the sun is shining, I splurged on a beautiful new trench, and Boston is starting to poke through the deep freeze and banks of gray slush.

While I have yet to fool myself into thinking that this balmy weather is here to stay, it has been a nice break from the bitterness of winter.  Particularly since I’ve been spoiled by beautiful southern winters for the last 4 years.  Ellie has been enjoying it as well.  She laughs and giggles when we walk outside in the morning (versus burying her head into my shoulder and turning her face away from the wind).  She looks up into the sky, closing her eyes and grinning a grin that is as wide as her face can manage. It’s such a beautiful thing to see, my happy little nut.

I am excited for spring, and the renewal it brings.  Time to shake off the cobwebs and dust out the corners.  It’s a new year.  And time to move forward.

I saw the above proverb this weekend, when I was feeling particularly lazy.  It hit me in a funny way…

Things are starting to come together for me.  Opportunities are knocking, and the work I do now will truly pay off come autumn.  It makes me smile reading it, and reminds me of the small truth that the work you do will eventually pay off.  While it can be taken literally in my current contex…it is a great thought to hold on to. 

On that note…it’s time to get back to the grind.

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