Of birthday parties and other diversions.

I have a confession.

I play head-games with myself at times.  As in, I specifically set out to use diversion as a way to cope with stress.

And, I’m happy to say…it works quite well.

Case in point:

A certain someone is taking a long “journey” within the next couple of months.  He will be gone for lots of important things.  Including: A plethora of holidays, my graduation, and a certain little’s 2nd birthday.

Now.  Rather that REALLY REALLY harp on the suckiness of it, I’ve decided to take a healthier route and throw myself into party-planning.  While this seems fairly logical – I would like to point out that the party I’m planning right now is at the end of August

It is the 2nd of March.

Sick, really.

But, judgements aside…I am BEYOND excited for Ellie’s birthday party.  Much to my delight, the ladies of my family are feeding into my craziness and helping me plan this blessed event.  My mom is in charge of the decorations and adding that extra bit of spice to everything (she is by far one of the most fabulous planners I know).  My sister is my sound-board and super hip…so she’ll make sure this party is no-where near the realm of “soccer mom”.  And my lovely grandmother is in charge of anything and everything to do with food.  It is really better this way, my friends.  She is the most amazing cook I know…and maybe I’ll be able to snag a few pointers along the way!

Even Joe himself has gotten into the madness.  He helped me cut out triangles for our little girls banner this last week.  Really!?!?!  This man, I love him.  And this is all his fault.

So, in the ebb and flow of life, the use of diversion is a sound (maybe not psychologically…but whatev) technique.

As long as you don’t mind a birthday party that has more planning involved than your wedding. 

And in this situation?  That is certainly the case.


2 thoughts on “Of birthday parties and other diversions.

  1. Does this birthday party have a theme yet? I always find it easier to plan the kids parties once they pick a theme (from the million and one ideas they have in their cute little heads). Luckily for you–you get to pick the theme for Ellie for a few more years!

  2. I don’t know that I have so much a theme…kind of like cross between summer picnic and carnival??? We’re doing picnic food, and there will be various yard games.

    The most important thing is that I have the color-scheme picked out! LOL. We’re doing tiffany blue, cherry red, and white.

    I’m excited to be able to plan this…but it will be way fun as she gets older. I’m sure party planning for J and K!

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