Lazy Sundays…

I think that Sunday may just be my favorite day of the week.


That’s a lie.

I don’t actually think I could nail down one day that I would refer to as my “favorite” day.  It tends to change in a consistent manner.  Like my first year at USM, Thursdays were actually my favorite day during the fall semester.  True…I had to suffer through stats…but class let out around 4:30 (if memory serves me correctly) and that was justcloseenough to 5 that I felt more than warranted to call it a day. 

And there were more than a couple of occasions that “calling it a day” meant meeting people out at the bar.

Then there was fall of my second year…Tuesday nights were my favorite.  Mainly because I had class with 3 other girls, and our super laid-back professor, and we would giggle about things like poop.  The banter was always fun, and I love discussing interventions…it’s like the creative side of my job.

After Ellie was born, I loved Monday mornings.  I didn’t have class until 9:30, and I would typically have enough time/energy on Sunday night to pack up her bag for school the next day.  She would wake up at 5 (then 5:30, then 6, then 6:30, and finally – where she’s stayed – 7am) and we would nurse and snuggle.  I spent so many hours of my life in those early morning hours listening to her grunt like a little piggy as she would drift in and out of sleep.  I would play with the little wisps of her hair and run my fingers along her cheek.  And we would take our sweet time getting ready in the morning, mosey-ing out the door, and I would have time to give her extra kisses before heading to campus (via the Depot for their amazing cheesy-corn muffins and lattes).

And now?  I think I am in love with Sunday mornings.  In this house, Sunday mornings mean steaming mugs of coffee fresh out of the French Press, chasing a little someone out of the kitchen, whipping up something a little more special for breakfast, and loooooong morning naps;)  (Not for myself, mind you, but it is a welcomed break from a certain little busy-body:)

The days in New England are getting longer, and the weather more fair.  I’m laying belly-down on the floor looking out at the sun…Ellie’s 10-month-old hand forever marked on my favorite coffee mug, and the smell of crustless Quiche filling air.

Yes.  I really do love Sundays.


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