200 for 200

What a milestone.

My 200th post.

Some of them thoughtful, some of them silly…all of them a snapshot of what was going on in life.


…not such an accomplishment when you consider that I’ve had this blog almost 5 years.

But moving forward…I’ve decided to partake in a little experiment.  I’m making a list of 200 things I would like to accomplish in the next year.  Some of them serious, some of them silly, in random order and each chosen to add some spice to life.

Join me, will you?

…as I blog and reflect, and grow as a person over the next year.  One year, 200 tasks, and an undeterminable amount of personal growth from it. 

Here goes nothing:

1. Wear  red lipstick.  No, not just wear.  ROCK red lipstick.

2. Grow out my nails.  I nibble, especially when I’m stressed, and it is the most disgusting habit I have.  Gross, and it needs to be NIXED.

3. Finish my $*@#&@*# dissertation.  Period.

4. Master the pin-curl.

5. Speaking of hair…chop it.  ALL of it.  OFF.  And donate.

6. Coffee + Sunday Mornings.

7. Potty train, potty train, potty train.  After all, a woman of my age…tee-hee-hee. 

8. Girls weekend on the Cape.

9. Wine with Jen and Teri.

10. A 2nd birthday to end all birthdays:)

11. Graduation and hooding.

12. Teach Ellie the joys of dancing in the rain.

13. Dabble in vegitarianism.

14. Commit to finishing the Bible.

15. Handwritten notes to far-away lands.  Spritzes of perfume included.

16. 5K.  Enough said.

17. Manage my money like a grown-up.

18. Soccer dates with my future soccer star.

19. Family snuggle time, in 2s and 3s.

20. Master 10 new recipes.

21. Master the grill.  One pork-chop at a time.

22. Little painted tootsies and matching mommy tootsies.

23. Handmade gifts for those I love.

24. Make Gram’s strawberry freezer jam…attempt to have it as good.

25. …and grandpa’s cabbage-rolls.

26. Make the trek from 1st street to the Audubon.

27. Play in the sand of Lake Michigan.

28. Teach Ellie to fly a kite in Manistee.

29. Rings with Jordanne.

30. Make my last move by myself.

31. Belt out a ballad…kareoke-style.  Without abandon. Preferably, Journey.

32. Coco~James Photography.  Make it grow!

33. Throw a 50s theme party for the girls…Betty Crocker style.

34. Actually attend the Marine Corps ball.

35. Mac Book Pro.  Hollah.

36. Spend Christmas this year reaching out to others, doing things for others, and giving life, love, and time to those who need it most.

37. Learn to knit. 

38. Paint, paint, paint.

39. Become a jedi-knight of social stories.  Master them.  Feel the force.

40. Nix eating out.

41. Spend more time with my lovely friends.

42. Work toward developing an expertise in my field.

43. BCBA, done, passed, and check in the box.

44. E-trip-P.  OMG.

45. Meaningful marks with my best friend.

46. Publish, publish, publish.

47. Set up my super-fab home-office.  Teal chair included.

48. Pet an Elephant.

49. Run, barefoot, through the grass.  Gather layers of dirt on the bottom of my souls.

50. Spa day for the Jaskiw girls.

51. Pepper in long/productive days at the office.

52. Presentations, presentations, presentations.

53. Find the perfect navy pencil skirt…

54. …and nude-colored heels to match.

55. Spend hours with paint between my fingers, chasing a little girl back to the paper.

56. Hopscotch.

57. Plant, grow, nurture peonies.

58. Put my all into my job when at work, all into my girl when at home, and all into myself during those precious stolen moments of “me time.”

59. Perfect little piggy-curls.

60. Obtain my beach-ready body.

61. Strut that body up and down a post-card worthy tropical beach, handsome Marine in hand, on our well-deserved (and majorly delayed) honeymoon.

62. Get lost in stolen moments with my honey.  Date night both virtual and face-to-face.

63. Skip the mommy outfit and go out dancing.  Bonus points if at the Wayside.

64. Make the dissertation defense night EPIC.

65. Rock the 5th year anniversary the second-best way possible.  With all the girls that matter on a trip that makes me forget about the dreaded deployment.

66. Steal pictures of wild horses on the outter Banks.

67. Test-drive a Jeep.  It’s about damn time.

68. Give that beotch, Mother-Nature another chance.  Ugh.  Maybe this time it will stick.

69. Boston Opera with Little Miss Elliott.

70. Mini and Momma Pedi’s.

71. Adventure in sunless-tanning.

72. Seek out opportunities to give others compliments.  Make them genuine.

73. Splash in the Frog Pond.

74. Picnic in Boston Common.

75. Try Oysters.  At least once.  *shudder*

76. Perfect the Martini.

78. Be okay with Ellie being old enough to join ballet class.

77. Teach Ellie the finer art of combing the beach for the perfect rock/sea shell/piece of beach glass.

78. Learn to mambo.  Nothing special about “mambo” in particular…just a great word to say!

79. Learn to forgive and move on.

80. Slow dance in the kitchen, early in the morning.

81. Bike around New England like a proper tourist.

82. Walk the Freedom Trail…the whole thing.

83. Print and frame my pictures.

84. Update all of Ellie’s photo albums.  And by update, I mean actually finish.

85. Sort, shred, and file.  For life.

86. Get lost in a good book that doesn’t involve certain key words like: RtI, or PBIS, or ABA.

87. Bonus points if that book includes a quilt, coffee, and the great outdoors.

88. Learn to slow down and appreciate moments where Ellie wants nothing more than “caddohs”.

89. Make reindeer food and snowy hoof prints for the sake of perfect childhood memories.

90. Actually put pens to paper for the stories I make up for Ellie.

91. Spend more time with my nieces and nephew.  They are pretty cool little dudes.

92. Dress E in a tutu whenever possible.  *Note I did not say whenever appropriate*

93. Be better at letting those I love know that I love them.  Extended to those I like/appreciate.  Life is too short not to share the love!

94. Watch Mad Men…ALL the seasons I’ve given up with my cable.  Pearls, bouffant hair, and kitten heals are NOT an option.

95. Expand my knowledge of wine….

96. …and gardening.

97. Briard puppies.  Find one to love forever.

98. Sail a freakin’ boat already.

99. Find the perfect hand-made quilt.  The kind that comforts during bouts of sniffles, gathers sand and shells at the beach, and obtains telling green stains from picnics under trees.

100. Finish the house.

101. Find the perfect bust for my boudoir

102. Trash the dress pictures, handsome Marine included.

103. Six-pack abs, please.

104. Garden and can…as if it’s my job.

105. Learn the perfect pie crust recipe.  As easy as it is…I feel like ready-made crusts are cheating me out of the full experience.

106. Teach a certain little a love for baking and an appreciation for simple things.

107. Snuggle friend’s babies.

108. Kick my butter habit.  Uh…scratch that…increase my olive oil habit.

109. Record books for Ellie with all the most important people.

110. Ride a horse…why the hell not?

111. Learn what to do with my cropped locks.

112. Finish Ellie’s little kitchen with hand-made lovies in time for Christmas.

113. Planned tea parties with the cutest little chicks.

114. Plan-oriented play dates.

115. Euker.  I’m from MI and I don’t know how to play…STILL.

116. Loose $20 playing Black Jack…and feel fabulously posh doing so.

117. Document the most important things in life.

118. Be on the search for something that really grabs at my heart and changes my soul.

119. Write grants…OMG…write grants.

120. Challenge coin from a JCS.  It’s going to happen next year in Tx.

121. Rock cowboy boots whenever possible.

122. Trips to the cranberry bog.

123. Apple picking with Jen, in New England.  As if we were born here and it’s the most natural thing to do.

124. Lunch dates with fabulous friends.

125. Yoga.

126. Break out the pencils and draw.  Cartoon…shade…color.  There is a little artist begging to be set free under all that egg-headiness.

127. Plant an enviable herb garden…cook from it.

128. Be that person with a jeep, mountain bikes, a baby in hiking shoes, and a dog.

129. Fill my shelves with books that have meaning to me.

130. Find the perfect coming home dress.

131. Sweet memories from the Cape…

132. …watch the sun rise over the Atlantic.  Take it all in…wrapped with a cup of coffee and blanket…and chubby little cheeks pink from the crisp air of the morning.

133. Learn to bake something good enough that I would actually send it to people.

134. Family portraits.

135. Glaze pottery…meaningful little lovies that capture moments in life, and hand smears.

136. Halloween parade in Salem.  Even with all the weirdos.

137. Make a homemade pumpkin pie.  Like, buy the pumpkin from an orchard and everything.

138. Donuts and cider.  Better if it’s on Lake MI.

139. See the circus…and eat peanuts.  Complete with tightrope walkers and elephants and face paints for a little chicken.

140. Rainy Sunday mornings, lost in dream land.

141. Become a regular at a Farmer’s Market.

142. Maybe talk Joe into owning a chicken.

143. Invest in glorious pop-up books.

144. Swing in a hammock

145. …and tire swing.

146. Get lost on a road trip and find the most memorable quaint little places…psycho cannibles not welcome.

147. Hike table rock.  Just for funsies.

148. Coffee dates with my oldest friend and her two little boys.

149. Make time for long talks with my sister.  She is funny like no-one-else…and she keeps me true to myself.

150. Hit the campaign trail.

151. Drink more water.

152. Find the perfect set of pearl earrings.

153. Write and publish (uh…as in publish online) 5 poems.

154. …they don’t have to be good.

155. Be involved in something bigger than myself.

156. Rodman Ride.  Rock it out.

157. Plant a tree…or a couple…considering how many I’ve killed for my dissertation.

158. Kick the chap-stick habit.  Oh, and not the “using” it habit.  The buying it because you’ve lost it habit. 

159. Guitar??? Maybe?  Or Banjo.

160. Seriously consider investing in a piano.

161. Have the mother of all garage sales and finally get rid of all the random shit we’ve acquired over the last 10 years.

162. Take more photos.

163. Wake board like your life depends on it.  And know that life will always be awesome for the 2 seconds you’re on the wave.

164. Get a bike…

165. …and a wagon…

166. …and use them as if there isn’t a better use of your time.

167. Create a space for long talks with wonderful friends and beer-pong tournaments.

168. Connect with people.  Have fun.  Develop friendships. 

169. Read at least 2 trashy novels.  It just should be done…because frankly, no one should ever take themselves too seriously.

170. Blog.  Document. 

171. Become more zen-like.  Or don’t.  I happen to think I’m a rather fun spaz.

172. Enjoy more belly laughs.

173. Don’t stress that Ellie now replaces many common words like “truck” with “f*ck”.  This will pass…and as much as that lady in Target may judge, you will miss this phase when it’s gone.

174. Make baths a ritual.

175. Tickle little toes more often.

176. Catch fireflies in a glass jar, and free them before bed.

177. Camp in our back yard, and make a big deal out of it.

178. Search for the perfect house.  Maybe not one for now…but one to come back to.

179. Kidnap a handsome Marine and stay in some remote inn somewhere and unplug from the kid, technology, and the rest of the world.  Even if just over night.

180. Play sous chef to the grill master.

181. Learn to skateboard.  I mean…why not?

182. Crawfish boil.

183. Learn how to make bread.  Like real, no shit, artisan bread.

184. Compost.  It’s good for the earth.  It’s good for life.

185. Play the mystical game known as Pong-3d. Dominate.

186. Track down that stinking recipe from Jimmy Slocum.  Will explain more later.  Good memories of that night…despite not being able to fit into anything but sweatpants for the next 4 days after that dinner.

187. Become a local…a regular, some place.

188. Kick my raspberry coffee habit.  Eh…just revamp a little.

189. Enjoy the finer things in life…like bubbles.

190. Track down the wine from our wedding.  Buy a case and enjoy the ever-loving snot out of it.

191. Enjoy NCIS marathons with a certain NCIS fan.

192. Embrace the dorkiness within…return to drawing comics.

193. Dinner cruise.

194. Find the perfect little black dress.

195. Dig through old photos and gather memories and stories.  Learn the legacy of those from your past.

196. Run.  Reflect.

197. Play more board games.

198. Learn how to make a daisy chain.

199. Quit talking and driving.

200. Give up reading sad news.  We are what we seek.

3 thoughts on “200 for 200

  1. I’m working on a Bucket List of sorts. Much shorter than yours and a much more forgiving time line. Love many of the ideas, and share a few of the goals with you. Great post. Happy 200!

  2. Come spend a few days with us in MI and we’ll take care of 91 110 115 and 137. You do not want chickens. At least until Ellie is old enough to take care of them. They stink!! If you stay long enough maybe we can go shopping and knock a few more things off that list.

    • Haha…I was totally thinking along those lines…I esp like the pumpkin pie one. Was talking to mom about baking and doing Christmasy things while we’re up there! Can’t wait to see you guys again!

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