…inching back in…little by little…

It’s 5:22am and my girl is sleeping. I’ve been up since 4:30…but that’s kind of been life lately.

I have ~9 more weeks in Boston, and there are simply NOT enough hours in a day to complete all of the tasks ahead of me…

…which I why I am routinely up at 4:30, and literally falling asleep where I stand by 11pm.

This is not to complain…just explain where I’ve been.

Life here is super exciting…I just need to force myself to set aside time to document it. Because that’s just the damn thing…it’s moving too fast.

My little is this fiery independent little nut. She’s simply hilarious and all wrapped up in this sweet little package who loves to “caddoh”. I’m in love with her and make no secrets about my desire to have another one just like her…

…but that’s not possible, because sweet Ellie is simply one of a kind.

Okay, back to my studies. I’m sitting for the BCBA tomorrow…and why I’m even throwing it out there – I don’t know. I shouldn’t claim taking it until I pass. But life is about chances and putting yourself out there, I guess.

So I’m sitting for the BCBA…only the biggest test since taking the GRE. And I’m not exactly pumped for it.


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