…and so we begin…

No. 43, Part I


After the tedious process of jumping through the hoops to be cleared to take the exam, I really feel like this should be broken into 3 parts…

But tonight I sit at home, chilled to the bone with the sniffles and a swollen throat, one step closer to being a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Which basically means I will be able to do the job I’ve been doing, but be reimbursed by certain insurances.

An accomplishment, for sure, but one that has to be done for me to have a job in the great state of North Carolina.  And Lord knows how bad I want to get there!

The test was fairly uneventful…and I really don’t have a feeling about it either way.  I don’t feel like it was overly bad…but I also don’t feel like I rocked its’ socks off either.

I wrapped up, only taking 3 of my 4 allotted hours, and decided to take the train home rather than wait for Bret to get through traffic to get me. It will be faster…or so I thought.

I should have just given up after I got caught in bus spray on the way out of the building…but anyone who knows me knows that simply is not my style.  So I buried my chin in my chest, and pressed forward as if I fully intended on walking 10 blocks through the middle of a thunderstorm.

I got three and couldn’t see anymore, so I camped out in the doorway of a Sprint store for half an hour while soupy puddles of water gathered in the cobbled streets.  It was once the rain lifted a bit (and I could actually see across the street) that I noticed I was on a T stop.  So a quick train ride to Southie, and I just missed the commuter to the South Shore.

Rather than lament the fact that I was now stuck in Boston for an additional hour and half, I treated myself to a BOOK FOR FUN and cozied up with a chai latte.

The Help.

…and I made it ~70 pages in that hour and a half, despite testing my face off for 3 hours before that.  That is how good it is!

I made it home to a little chick who greeted me with “MommmmmmiiiiEEE!!! I love you!  I miss you!” and a death grip around my neck when we left the car.

Snuggles, stories before bed, and a quick post to the great unknown out in internet land.

Not bad for a day…

…if only this is follow-up with good news in ~45 days.

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