…Letter to my littlest love…

Sweet little Ellie.

You are amazing beyond words.

I’ve been busy this summer, and even though I see you every day…I feel like I am missing you.

I leave my baby every morning and come back to an independent little girl.

You know so many things!  You are brilliant!  You are stringing words together as fast as you can say them…you repeat everything that you hear…

…and you have the sweetest little heart.

Tonight, while we waited for Bret to pick us up, we started coloring.  And you told me “I color you fo-wers, mommy!”

And you did.  Sweet little scribbles that melted my heart.

I simply cannot wait to see who you become.

…but for now…stay small.

Drink “coffee” with me…

And snuggle…

…and wear a bag over your head and run around like a silly goose…

…and dance wildly in the kitchen…

…just because you can.

You bring my heart so much joy…and remind me of who I can be.

I love you.

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